katie & marek’s campfire and smores engagement session by eternal reflections photography


photography by Eternal Reflections Photography

with camping season in full swing, today’s engagement session is the perfect inspiration for any campfire-loving, newly-engaged couples. in fact, our lack of posts over the past week is due to some camping, too – we had an amazing long weekend away, which involved some fantastic nights around the campfire (s’mores and singalongs included!). it seemed only fitting to feature this sweet and serene campfire engagement session.

guess what? this lovely bride-to-be is one half of the duo behind Details Vintage Decor Rentals, and has fittingly incorporated a few of the Details pieces into this session. katie and marek were kind enough to share a bit of their love story with us:


how we met

k: i was at The Pint downtown with some friends for my maid of honor’s birthday. marek had gone out to the same bar with some guy friends for a couple drinks. we locked eyes from across the bar and it was instant attraction. my friend tarah went up to marek and whispered, ‘my friend thinks you’re hot!’ how embarrassing! i felt it was only right to go and talk to him, at least to redeem myself.

we were both a little tipsy, which helped to calm our nerves, and we talked ALL night. we even realized that we had attended the same high school. i found it very odd that i did not remember such a good looking guy. turns out it was because he had graduated 5 years after me! not to be put off by the difference in age – women in my family ALWAYS go for younger men – we exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history.

m: i went out the the bar with my good friends. when we got into the pub, i was there for ten minutes when katie locked her horns. we were like two magnets that instantly attracted and since then we haven’t let go.

Engaged_173 Engaged_168Engaged_155

the proposal

k: i awoke the morning of Christmas Eve to a bright eyed and bushy-tailed boyfriend. marek had made me breakfast in bed, something quite common (lucky for me) in our house. i had slept horribly the night before, leaving me really cranky and not want anything to do with the bacon, eggs and toast he brought to bed. in fact, i threw a famous ‘morning katie tantrum’ and insisted marek get the food away from me.

‘but babe, just have some coffee with me,” he pleaded. i gave in, and turned to get the coffee off my bedside table, and when I turned back to marek, there he was…

m: …when she turned around to face me in bed, i was on one knee with the ring in hand. speechless for a moment, she almost dropped the cup of coffee. i asked her to marry me, and she said ‘is this happening?’ she repeated it about ten times, and eventually said ‘YES’ and it was the happiest moment in both our lives… so far.

Engaged_152 Engaged_187

the engagement photo session

we decided to do the camp-style photo shoot because i wanted an e-session that was different and unique. marek and i went camping on our very first trip together. we stayed at a dive of a campsite in Gull Lake, and between the lack of privacy and our tent blowing over in the wind, we came home even more enamoured with each other. if our relationship could withstand camping, we could take on the world! we try to go camping once a year, whether it is at my grandparent’s cabin or in BC. we love to camp – and therefore a camp style e-session was fitting. one thing to note, the Hudsons Bay Company blanket used in the shoot was a wedding gift to my parents in 1973. they have been married for 41 years, this july.


photographer: Eternal Reflections Photography

makeup: Marley Blair Makeup Artistry

decor: Details Vintage Decor Rentals



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