‘my miracle’ – lydia & tyler’s love story

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practically every time i read through lydia’s love story, it brings a tear to my eye. when i first read her amazing story of love and faithfulness through devastating loss, i knew that i would be honoured to share it on yegwed. these two are getting married tomorrow – and although i don’t know them personally, i am so happy for them, and wish them a wedding day that is better than they’d ever hoped. all the best, lydia and tyler!


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the story

‘in 2007, i was a passenger in a tragic car accident that took the life of my high-school sweetheart. i never, in a million years, thought something like this was going to take me and the love of my life and tear us apart. i was devastated, distraught and completely removed from the world around me. i never thought I would ever love again in my life – i just could not imagine my life any other way!

that was until 3 years later, when i attended a family friend’s wedding and i caught the garter and a mysterious man – Tyler – caught the bouquet. we did not talk to each other but posed for a quick picture taken by a family friend. exactly one year later, i ran into tyler at an anniversary party and we were hooked! i was hesitant, but something about him just made my heart ‘feel something’ again! i hadn’t felt anything like it since the last time i touched my high-school sweetheart the night before he passed. this new man (now my fiancée) was kind, funny, smart and completely my perfect match. just when i wanted to close every door in my life, God on the other hand had a different plan for me! God knew i was put here on earth for a bigger purpose and God wanted me to love again… you just have to believe!

now, after 3 years of dating, my fiancée took me to the “blue bench” where we had our first date and proposed to me! our wedding is on august 2nd and i can’t wait to be his wife! tyler completes me, understands me and he knows “my story” and loves me even more knowing I never gave up because it lead me to him! i guess in life miracles do happen, you just have to believe!’

thanks so much for sharing your story, lydia! we can’t wait to see photos from your big day. here are more photos of the happy couple, taken by Roughley Originals Photography in the winter. 

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