rescue flats – meet the duo behind the edmonton business gone big!

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after seeing her female friends fade all too quickly at her own wedding reception, sarah befus was struck with an idea – and a brilliant one, at that. launching a clever solution for sore feet, which double as a thoughtful wedding favor, sarah has watched her company, Rescue Flats, grow from edmonton to international – after only two years in business, 90% of their sales are outside of canada. we are so excited to share the story with you, to provide inspiration for some of you savvy women in business as well as a wedding favor idea to edmonton couples looking for something out-of-the-box…. or, in this case, in a box!

what inspired you to start rescue flats? tell us a bit about your business…

sarah: our story starts in 2009 in edmonton, alberta. i had just married my best friend. as i danced the night away at our wedding reception with my favourite friends and family, i watched many of my female wedding guests fade from the dance floor to sit down because of sore feet. it was only 10 o’clock.

looking around my reception, i thought of an idea. i would have loved to show my high-heeled guests i was thinking of them by providing a comfortable wedding favor for them to slip into; something better than flip-flops. it was there that Rescue Flats was born.

jeni: business was really starting to pick up for Rescue Flats as i came to the end of my maternity leave early this year. the timing was perfect – sarah needed to grow the Rescue Flats team and i was looking for something new that allowed me to focus on my creative side.

Silver Box

what has been the most popular style so far? any personal favourites?

sarah: we launched our silver and gold Rescue Flats in july. the gold flats sold out in less than a week! so, we will definitely be getting more in stock. my personal favourite is our premium black rescue flats… they are so comfortable you can wear them anywhere ..and i have! click here to read about me wearing my Rescue Flats around Disneyland to test out how comfortable they are.

jeni: our limited edition gold flats were very popular this summer. i also like our premium black rescue flats. black patent leather is a classic look and is very versatile.


any advice for other entrepreneurs in the wedding business?

sarah: the wedding business is such an amazing industry to work in. so many lovely, talented people work in this industry and i love that i get to work with brides-to-be…. its such a positive environment. my advice to other entrepreneurs? have fun, be yourself and never, ever, ever give up.


yeg love! what are your top 3 favourite things to do in edmonton?

sarah: i love edmonton! my favourite things to do are:

– eat. my favourite restaurant is Corso 32

– enjoy all the amazing outdoor festivals and events like the Fringe

– explore all the fantastic parks with my kids


– a Canada Day picnic at the Legislature. no surprise – this is where my husband proposed!

– watching edmonton’s intense summer storms.

– strolling the City Market Downtown in the summer.


think these ladies are the bomb diggity? say hi on twitter, or check out the Rescue Flats website! click here to read more of their story, and here to like them on facebook!


  • What a great story! I just recently went to a wedding where I had to don bare feet about halfway through in order to continue dancing. This would be so awesome! Now they could partner with someone who offers man-specific favors so the other half of the guests don’t feel left out!

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