uber-sweet edmonton proposal captured by DC Brandon Films

proposal story

when we saw this beautiful proposal video by DC Brandon Films, we couldn’t help but get all warm and fuzzy inside. thankfully, they were happy to fill us in on a little bit of the story behind this thoughtful, personality-filled proposal:

Codey and Kateland had been dating for a number of years and knew they were meant to be together forever. Codey always thought of Kateland as the most important person in the world to him. When he made the decision to ask her to marry him, he decided to go the extra mile and have the proposal filmed, to be a keepsake for the rest of their lives.

He approached DC Brandon Films and they came up with an ingenious plan. Codey would tell Kateland that he hired a film crew to make a “love story” short film, the kind she loved to watch online. Little did she know there would be a surprise ending.

All the footage from the film was captured under the pretense that a love film was being created, and you can just feel the love between Codey and Kateland when they look at each other and when they kiss.

After the last scene of the “love story” was shot, Codey rushed off to a location in the woods just west of Edmonton near Chikakoo lake, a favourite spot of both Codey and DC Brandon Films. There, along with his friends and family, he prepared the ultimate romantic spot: dozens of candles lighting a rustic path through the woods, leading to a young man holding a very special box wrapped in ribbon. One word could be read on the bottom: “Tiffany”.

Kateland was called and told that DC Brandon Films had “one more important scene to film”. She agreed to come back to the shoot. She had no idea was she was about to experience–a glimpse of forevermore. 

[vimeo 97523251 w=698 h=374]

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