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here at yegwed, we’re not about to forget about the men! the world of wedding planning is so often geared towards women, which is just a little old-fashioned in our opinion. from the stylish grooms, to the ones who are bucking the stereotypes and sharing the load of wedding planning with their bride, or the rad celebrations of two grooms in love – we’re looking forward to sharing plenty of great stuff for the gentlemen on

to kick off our groom-friendly features, we caught up with beth, manager of the hella cool whyte ave barber shop, Barber Ha.


when it comes to looking sharp, Barber Ha has it all. ‘we offer everything for mens grooming: haircuts, straight shaves, beard trims, neck shaves around the hairline… we work with a range of great products and we also have them available for purchase here.’

even with the deluge of facial hair in men’s fashion, beth says that many of their services go hand in hand with education.

‘lots of guys don’t know how to shave – nobody really taught them, or they’re just going about it the wrong way so they avoid it. so we try and educate the guys that come in on how to take care of the face and their hair… and beards are really surging through right now, and we have a lot of knowledge in that area, so we definitely help them keep it looking slick.’


Barber Ha happily takes group bookings to accommodate all of your groomsmen, or your stag party needs. you’ll just have to be organized: because the shop is so busy,  you need to book in advance – at least a month is ideal. a deposit is required on booking, and cancellations need more than 24 hours notice.

‘if it’s a stag, at night, we usually book it at the end of the night, and then we can close the shop and it’s just them and their friends.’ the staff will lock the door, closing it to the public, and you’re welcome to bring refreshments to enjoy during your stay in the shop.

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for men’s wedding day style, it’s better to book your services for the big day or within a week. ‘a shave is totally better the day of. a nice clean shave will look great all day, so having it done the day of the wedding is awesome, it’s a great way to go.’ don’t worry – most of their appointment times are less than half an hour, so if you’re still interested in your pre-wedding round of golf, it’s likely that you’ll be able to fit it all in!

for a haircut, the length of time between the haircut and the wedding is a personal preference.

‘our haircuts are really short for the most part, and some people really love that, but some say that they love their haircut but they really love it a week later. it depends on the person, but even to come the day before and get a neck shave, like just around the hairline – even if it’s been a month since their last haircut, that’s gonna make a big difference. if you like a tight fade, get it on the day of the wedding, if you like a little more conservative looks, then i’d say a week is fine.’


when i asked beth if she had any advice for wedding day looks for men, there was no hesitation.

‘don’t forget about yourself. lots of guys think it’s about the bride, but it’s your day too. and you’re going to be in every single photo with that beautiful woman so you better look sharp!

don’t forget, because you’re going to want to look great too and whether it’s a beard trim or a straight shave, it’s going to make a difference in the way you feel that day, so that’s probably my biggest advice. another thing is maybe come in for a dry run – come get a shave on a friday afternoon, feel it out, see off this is really what you want.’

even if you plan on sporting a full beard on your wedding day, there’s still some styling to be done.

‘a cleaned, conditioned beard makes a big difference. and we’re not going to take all the length off or take your shape out – we’re just going to smooth it out and sculpt it a little bit.’


so what are you waiting for, gentlemen? head on over to Barber Ha to make sure you’re looking your best for your big day!

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