4 Things To Remember When Planning Your Wedding Look

today’s guest post is by hair and makeup power duo stefanie carlson and janna huget, the lovely ladies of behind the blush


Look like yourself… just enhanced! So often we have brides showing up for their makeup trials with an idea of what they should look like on their wedding day and these brides typically end up having multiple trials, because they don’t truly feel like themselves through the camera. Usually they end up going with an enhanced version of their everyday look. A person who never wears makeup besides a simple lipstick and mascara when she’s going out with the girls will not be happy with a dark smoky eye for her wedding! We are firm believers that less is more. With the correct contouring, colour matching and lashes, your natural makeup look will blow you, your fiance, and guests out of the water!


Don’t make any drastic physical changes the week of your wedding! We have experienced many brides getting spray tans that turn orange, or eyebrow waxing and lash extensions gone wrong days before their wedding. A lot of brides think they will love lash extensions only to find out that they don’t feel like themselves and they are a lot harder to take out than you would think. We always suggest trying out anything you are thinking of doing that is ‘new’ for your wedding day appearance at least a month in advance. That saves you from trying any emergency remedies the night before your wedding.


Schedule all services up to six months in advance! If you happen to be getting married in the popular summer months and are needing a trial to be on a saturday or evening chances are your hairstylist or makeup artist will already be scheduled with another event or wedding. The sooner you schedule all intended services the better! Those last minute planners typically end up having to take an afternoon off work to work around the freelance artists booking schedule. A good hair and makeup artist will likely be booked well in advance for wedding dates in popular summer months. So make sure that if you have a trial and love it, you book the big day with them as soon as possible.


You don’t have to have all the answers! We frequently have brides calling to reschedule a trial because they haven’t decided on a specific look. However, a good consultation will take all of the things you know you don’t want, and show you, in turn, what it is you do want! And sometimes when you show up wanting something EXACT- when you see it on yourself, on camera, or with your dress – you realize that it just doesn’t work. A trial is there to help you, not bully you into making a rash decision. And hey – today’s brides have so much opportunity to do multiple looks, with so many cultures blending together, you often have the chance to wear two dresses – why not change up the look from a relaxed down style, to a glamorous updo?! Today’s brides don’t have to follow any set of rules!

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stefanie and janna have both been in the beauty industry for over 5 years and are the co-founders of the beauty and lifestyle site www.behindtheblush.ca


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