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From the matchy-but-not-matching bridal party with a bohemian twist to the many DIY ingredients carefully crafted by the couple’s loved ones, Alexis and Tyler’s wedding is full of gorgeous details. All of the flowers were bought wholesale and arranged by Alexis’ family – including the flower crowns worn by the bride and her bridesmaids! Alexis was happy to share a bit of their story with yegwed:

It was the beginning of January and we had both received new running attire for Christmas so we decided to try it out and go for a run. Tyler tried to convince me to go run in these cute trails just out of town, but being practical and totally unaware that he was trying to set up a cute scenery for his proposal, I insisted we just run on the cleared running trail by my house. We hadn’t run very long but we were already sweating and panting when he told me he was going to go pee behind some nearby trees. I waited for him and when he came out from behind the trees, I was eager to get running again. He had to literally yank on my sweater and ask me to wait. Confused, I turned around and there he was pulling out a red ring box with his great grandmother’s ring in it. He asked me to marry him and I said YES! He was really hoping to surprise me with his proposal and he definitely did! While I was waiting for him to ‘pee’  behind the clump of trees, I was certainly not thinking “this could be it!”

All images by James MacKenzie.

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What was the best moment of the day?

We were getting married on a beautiful property and the original plan was to get married in the back yard with the lake behind us. It started POURING half an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start and it didn’t stop. I was convinced that we could just wait a few minutes for the rain to pass but it just started raining harder. We had cleaned out the barn/garage in case of rain but I seriously did not consider we would actually have to use it. As my amazing friends and family quickly moved everything into the barn, I have to admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself. But, seeing all the people I love dearly soaking wet and crammed into that barn I just felt an overwhelming amount of love and support. When I saw Tyler’s smiling face, I knew this day was more perfect than I could have ever planned.

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Was there anything you were worried wouldn’t work, but turned out awesome?

I was a little worried that all the money I had saved by renting out the church hall instead of finding a hall wouldn’t be worth all the work. But, with the help of many friends and family members, we were able to craft a bunch of decorations and find creative ways of giving the room a little Alexis-and-Tyler flavour. In the end, I thought the room looked great! I liked that we could celebrate our big day in a place that is so special to Tyler’s family.

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Got any advice for someone planning an edmonton wedding?

I completely forgot to have a back up plan for family pictures in case of rain. If you’re getting married in Alberta, you know that at any point in the year you could have sun, rain, or snow!

Vendor shoutouts – what vendors made your day awesome? List as many as you think deserve mentioning!

Caterer: Apple Swan Catering

Photographer: James MacKenzie

Reception: Bethel Lutheran Church

Folding chairs (at ceremony): Special Event Rentals

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